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Instructions below ONLY apply to truForm.

This section will go over the following:

Office Invitation

Your office has the ability to invite you to fill out online forms through their patient portal.  This invitation will be sent via email, asking you to register online.

Patient Registration Process

  1. You will receive a email similar to this below, follow the instructions within the email and click on the link to register:
  2. You may be asked to complete a very simple 7 field registration below:
     Required fields:
    • Email address (will automatically be filled with the email address to which the invitation was sent).
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Enter at least one phone field (cell phone and/or phone)
  3. Select "Register Now" at the bottom once completed.
  4. A confirmation will provide you with further instructions to check your email to finalize your login.
  5. You will receive a email similar to this below, follow the instructions within the email and click on the link to register:

  6. If the 2-step verification setting is turned on, this link will lead you to the "Verify your Identity" screen:
    • Make a call toYou should receive a call immediately, make sure you have a pen and paper before hand to write down the secret code. 
    • Send a text to: You should receive a text immediately, as seen below with your secret code.
    1. Select the correct number in the drop down to call or text your selected phone with the secret code.
      **The phone numbers in this dropdown list were provided by the inviting office. If they are incorrect, you must contact the inviting office to correct them.
    2. Select "Continue" to complete this request.
    3. If a number is for a cellular phone, that number can receive the secret code in either a phone call with an automated voice or in a text message!

      *Note if your cell phone is NOT an option in this drop down, you would not see a text message option above/below:

  7. Enter your secret code received on the "Verify your identity" screen and select "Continue". 

    • Change Delivery Method:  Will allow you to use either your landline or cell phone number (if both were provided) to call or text your secret cod.
    • Re-Send Code:  The system will either call or text (depending on what selection you first made) the secret code to you again.  The old secret code will no longer be valid.
  8. Accept the "Terms of Use" by scrolling to the bottom and selecting "Continue":

  9. Now you will be asked to set your password associated with this login:
    1. Your username would be the email you received the initial MySecurePractice invite from.
    2. Select "Sign In".
    3. Note the Password Instructions on the RIGHT.
    4. Once you create your password, you will be asked to re-enter this same password directly below.
    5. Select "Continue".

    6. Enter your username and the password just created to sign into the patient portal (

How to Complete your online forms(s)

  1. Once you login (from step 4 above)
  2. On the main dashboard presented, select "Access Forms"

  3. Depending on what your provider assigned to you, you could see just one or multiple forms to fill out here. 
  4. Each form will contain a "Continue Form" button on the RIGHT hand side. 
  5. Select the first "Continue Form" button to start your first form:

  6. You will be presented with your form, and can start filling this out for completion online:

  7. Once you have completed all the needed fields, you can select the "Complete and Send" button at the bottom of the screen
    1. Note, once you fill out your DOB, and at least one phone number field (either your home phone or cell phone) you can choose to SAVE & Exit at anytime to complete at a later time or date.
    2. Once you fill out the needed fields noted in step 1 above, you will see a "Save & Exit" button appear in your upper RIGHT hand corner of the form.  

    3. Once saved, you will see this confirmation:

    4. You can come back to and login at anytime to complete this form!
  8. Once you fully submit this form, you will receive the below confirmation:
    • If you only had one form to fill out, then you are done!!
  9. If you have multiple forms to fill out:
    1. You can then navigate back to your patient portal, by typing in your browser address bar as seen below
    2. Now repeat steps 5-9 above until all forms are completed!

Note that once you submit your form(s); if you entered a valid email within the patient email field, you will receive an email notification letting you know the form was submitted to the office (per each form submission):



Patient Save & Exit

Our online forms will also give you the ability to "Save & Exit" at anytime by filling out the below fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • At least one phone number (home phone and/or cell phone)

Once the above fields are completed, a "Save & Exit" button appear in your upper RIGHT hand corner of the form.  You can select this button at anytime to finalize your form(s) at a later time.  

Our system will send you a instructional email to help you register (if you've already created your login- you can login here: at anytime), which will give you access to the patient portal to complete the form(s) assigned at your own convenience.  












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