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In this section, we will go over the following:

iConsult Integration with WinOMScs

The iConsult Integration allows users to share Carestream OMS images attached to patient charts with iConsult OMS that can be used to notate, markup and describe the planned treatment. This integration provides an iPad solution for the Oral Surgery Practice Management software.

Although Carestream OMS Imaging allows users to attached Adobe (*.PDF) and Microsoft Word documents (*.DOC/*.DOCX), these document types are not sent or displayed in the iConsult OMS application. This item may be considered for future release.

Once the images are reviewed during a consultation with the patient and notes are added, the consultation can be transferred back to the patient record in CS WinOMS for later reference.

iConsult OMS Application Installation:

The iConsult OMS application must be purchased from PBHS. The iConsult OMS Support team will provide logon credentials and direct you to the CS WinOMS Technical Support team for your activation code. As with most mobile devices, the actual software download will be available from the Apple Store.

iConsult OMS Integration Setup/Configuration:

  • Once support has provided the client with an activation code, the License Server is updated to allow use of the product. Update the user credentials and enable the iConsult product in the My Computer Setting menu:
  • Utilities>My Computer Settings>PBHS (notice this tab has been renamed from Pat. Reg.).
  • Select the option to enable iConsult. This will enable the Username and Password fields.


  • Username provided from PBHS must be in an email address format (i.e. FirstName.LastName@email.com).
  • Selecting the <OK> option button saves the credentials to the database. The credentials are NOT validated against the PBHS server.
  • The CS WinOMS user must be setup as a Staff member/provider.
  • Otherwise, the following message is displayed when saving the iConsult credentials.

iConsult – Send Patient Demographics and Images:

  • Once the iConsult feature is licensed and enabled you will notice the Attachment tabs under both the EMR and Workspace will contain a new tab and option button:
  • The iConsult option button displays the iConsult Integration window that allows the user to select OMS Imaging visits to be transferred to the iPad solution via the iConsult OMS application.
  • The user has the ability to deselect visits that are not desired for the iConsult review.
  • Select the Send button to transfer images to the iConsult OMS application.

Note: At this point the images are converted to jpg and uploaded to the iConsult OMS application. A few screenshots are displayed below to demonstrate the continued workflow:
Upon logon to the iConsult OMS application on the iPad, the Patient Menu is displayed that lists all patients sorted alphabetically.

  • Select Patient of interest from Current Patients list to open the “Consultation” page
  • The Demographic information that is sent directly from WinOMS is limited to First, Last Name and email address.

  • In order to view images and add notes during the consultation, the user must select the Add New Consultation option button and a list of available presentations are displayed
  • You will see a list of pre-defined templates. The iConsult/PBHS team will provide additional templates for use when the integration is released. These templates should offer details for specific scenarios such as 4 3rds consultation, Wisdom Teeth Extraction, Full Mouth Consult and Extraction. Select one of the presentation templates from the list.
  • The application opens to a four tabbed view. The following tabs are available:
  • Documents Tab: contains any patient registration/TruForm that is attached to the patient’s chart from within WinOMS.
  • Select the Tab to add document link and the TruForm/Patient Registration document will open. Within the iConsult application the user can add notes to the document that can be saved to the document for later review. Follow the online prompts to progress through each page of the TruForm. Changes are saved as user moves from page to page.
  • Notes Tab: is available to allow the user to enter notes per the discussion with the patient during the consultation.
  • Sketch Pad Tab: displays the OMS images and photos transferred from the WinOMS application.
  • Double-click the image from the Sketch Library for full screen view.
  • The full screen view opens the image in edit mode and allows the user to annotate using the pen and text controls.
  • Once annotations are complete, the user can select the Save&Exit option to prepare the consultations for review with the WinOMS application. The user has the option to finalize the presentation or leave it active for later editing. Once a change is committed it cannot be changed or undone.
  • Note: Finalized presentations are no longer viewable or editable on the iPad.
  • Users have the ability to configure the application to download/receive both finalized and active presentations.
  • Upon save, the presentations are listed with an active or finalized status on the Consultation page.

iConsult – Receive Patient Demographics and Images:

  • It is as this point the user can transfer the presentations to the WinOMS application.
  • From within the WinOMS application, open the Patient Workspace>Attachments>iConsult tab>iConsult option button and select the Receive Patient Presentations option button
  • Notice the status bar indicator keeps the user informed of the progress. When all presentations are received successfully, the status bar provides the following message:
  • Select the Close option to close the iConsult Integration window and display the received presentations:
  • Highlight location link and Open to view the received presentation files in the Windows Explorer:
  • Note: When a TruForm/Patient Registration is annotated via the iConsult application, the PDF is also available for review via the Windows Explorer.

FULL iConsult / WinOMScs Integration Instructions

DSN Integration:

  • iConsult integration now works with DSN v.14.  

Using iConsult Integrated with DSN:

  1. Within your DSN Software
  2. Select the patient in the Patient, Account, transaction windows or click on an appointment for the patient in the scheduler, this will set the patient as the current patient in the software.
  3. Click the iConsult button on the toolbar to bring up the iConsult Integration window.
  4. If the patient has not been added to iConsult the integration window will show an Add iConsult Patient button and the iConsult Status will say ‘Not sent to iConsult.’
  5. If the patient was previously sent to iConsult the integration window will show an Update iConsult Patient button and the iConsult Status will say Sent to iConsult as [Patient name].
  6. The (Changed) indicator will display at the end of the iConsult status if the patient information has change since it was sent to iConsult.
  7. When the user click either Add iConsult Patient or Update iConsult Patient, the Patient’s FirstName, MiddleInitial, LastName, Email (first email on file), Suffix, Phone (first Home,Work,Main,Mobile phone number on file), birth date, Referred By doctors name, and the most recent online patient registration pdf are sent to the iConsult web server.
  8. Each time the iConsult window is Launched or the user clicks the refresh button, the iConsult web server is checked for a list of iConsult Presentations on file for the patient.
  9. On the Sketches tab the user can upload a jpg image from the patients attachments to iConsult for use in Consultations.
  10. The user clicks the + button, selects the image to upload and when they click ok the image is sent to the iConsult web server.
  11. The user can import an entire presentation, or any piece of the presentation into the patients attachments.
    • Note: the import of the entire presentation is only available when the presentation has been completed on the ipad.
  12. When an entire presentation is imported is will show as a single item in the patients attachments.
  13. The user clicks the Plus next to the Presentation item to expand out the list of items in the presentation.
  14. If they mouse over a presentation or an item in the presentation it will show a thumbnail if available as seen below.
  15. On each item in a presentation the user can click view to view the item locally or import to copy the item to the patients attachments.

FULL iConsult / DSN Integration Instructions


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