iConsult: Add a Consent Video to Patients Consultation


Instructions below ONLY apply to iConsult.

  1. Within your iConsult Application on the iPad
  2. Once you patient is added into your iConsult Patients list, and you've selected the patient
  3. You will see a option called "Add New Consent Video" located on your upper LEFT hand column:
  4. Select the Procedure the consultation is for:
  5. The selected video will open, select the play button to start this for your patient (and/or have them press the play button when they are ready).  
    • Note you can leave the room while they watch this- this is password protected, and you will have to enter your password in order to get back to your regular consultation and/or patients list:
  6. The patient can do any of the following options within the video...
    • Pause
    • Back (which will go back to the beginning of that section)
    • Restart (this will restart the video from the beginning)
  7. Towards the end of the video, it will go over the key points again with the patient as seen in this example below (each video will go over the facts for that procedure):
  8. Once the video is completed, the patient will be presented with a document to complete:
  9. This completed consent form can be saved from your doctor portal, click here for instructions.
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