iConsult: Add a Procedure to Patients Consultation


Instructions below ONLY apply to iConsult.

  1. Login to your iConsult application on the iPad
  2. Once the patient has been added into your iConsult patients list, select the patient to view their information on the "Edit Patient" screen on the right.
    **Note if you enter a valid email for the patient (as seen below), they will be invited to review their consultation through their own patient iConsult portal.
  3. Once the patient has been selected and their information updated, select the "Add New Consultation" button located on the LEFT hand column.
  4. Select the procedure for your patient (you can scroll down to see all options), including:
    • Apicoectomy
    • Full Lower Arch Dental Implant
    • Full Upper Arch Dental Implant
    • Lower Partial Arch Dental Implant
    • Partial Upper Arch Dental Implant
    • Single Anterior Dental Implant
    • Orthognathic Surgery
    • Sinus Graft
    • Sinus Lift
    • TMJ
    • Wisdom Teeth
  5. Once selected, a pop-up will ask you to select the "Operating Practitioner" - this list will showcase all users you have under your account (staff or doctors). 
  6. Once the operating practitioner is selected, the patient's consultation for this procedure will begin. 
    *Note, if you are just getting prepared for your future appointment with this patient you can always use the "Save & Exit" feature and continue this consultation at any time.
    • If you "Save & Exit"- you can reopen your iConsult Application once you are ready to begin and continue this consultation for this patient.
    • From your patient list- select the patient to go to their iConsult account:
    • Select the Procedure from the LEFT hand column (this will add a check mark by the procedure selected as there may be multiple)
    • Now select the "Resume Consultation" button in the bottom left to continue.

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