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  1. While on this page viewing these instructions, scroll to the top and select the light gray "Sign in" button (located in your upper RIGHT hand corner)
    1. If you have a login, click here.  
    2. Otherwise select "Sign Up", (located towards the bottom/left hand side):
  2. Fill in at least "Your Full Name" and "Your email"
  3. Now, select  the checkbox labeled "I'm not a Robot"
  4. To finalize, select the "Sign up" button:
    Fields to Fill out: Once filled out, select "Sign Up"
  5. The below confirmation will display, asking you to check your email:
  6. Within the email, select the URL to create your password:
  7. You will be asked to fill in "Your Name" and "Your Password" below:
  8. Select "Set Password" which will lead you back to our main support page:
  9. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select "Browse" under "Recent Activity" to view our PBHS Community Posts:
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