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In this section, we will go over the following:

Digital signatures made easy!  Our new TruForm™ portal eliminates the costly need for Adobe Acrobat and a Topaz signature pad.  We can now enable your patients to sign their secured form(s) before submission using a desktop,  tablet or phone.   Doctor and office staff signatures can be completed once the form is submitted from our secure portal, with no additional software needed.   Ask our Sales or Support team for further information!

  1. Over the phone, once the patients form is scheduled- your staff would direct them to pre-register from your website.
  2. Either on our standard forms or your custom form, we can enable your signature areas to be completed by your patients BEFORE the form is submitted online to your office:
  3. The patient can choose to free sign with their mouse or finger on a tablet/phone:
  4. OR, Type their name as the completed signature and select "Accept And Sign"
  5. Once the first signature is signed, it will remember this signature for all other signatures on this form that need to be signed (if any).  The patient will only have to select "Accept and Sign" for any other signatures, as our system will input their signature for them...  

Doctor Signatures (once the form has been submitted):

  1. Once your patient submits their form(s) online, your office can login to our secure online portal to complete the office signatures needed (for the doctor and staff)
  2. Select "Access Forms"
  3. Once off the main welcome page, you will also see "Forms" on your far LEFT hand side navigation.
  4. Selecting either option will bring you right to your online form submission list
    • Depending on what forms you have programmed through PBHS Support, you may see one of the below 3 options: (note: you will only see the option(s) below if your form(s) are setup for this category):

      Would store all Patient Registration submissions

      Would store all Doctor Referral submissions

      Would store all Consent and non-registration/ referral submissions
  5. Select the form category you would like to review from above, which will lead you to your submission page below:
    **in this example, we are using the patient registration- ALL categories will work exactly the same!!
  6. Select the "Actions" drop down menu of the patient form you would like to have your doctor sign
  7. Select the first option, "Sign Form"
  8. This will open your patients form and bring you to the first signature needed
  9. Click the area labeled "Click to Sign"
  10. This will bring up the needed signature window, if you have previously signed using this login (it will remember your signature and you would only need to select "Accept And Sign").
  11. Once your signature is completed, select "Accept And Sign", this will insert your signature onto the form:
  12. Once you select "Accept and Sign", the system will automatically take you to the next needed signature (if any).
  13. Repeat this process for each signature field needed, noting our system will insert your signature.
    • Select the "Sign" button after your first signature to complete your signature.   
  14. Once all signatures are completed, select the "Complete and Send" button to finalize this form:
  15. This will bring you back to your patient list of submitted forms.  You can then View, Print or Download your completed form with the signatures completed:
  16. The completed PDF will have your patient and office signatures on the form!!
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