SecureMail: User Manager Role


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

The SecureMail User Manager role has been created to allow your office access to a "Manage Users" option under your account's drop-down options in the upper right hand corner.

User Manager user capabilities:

*Remember to keep in mind these features should only be used for user accounts that are part of your practice - NOT accounts for your colleagues or referring offices that are part of another practice.

*The User Manager role is simply for paying for a user account that is part of your practice, it is not used for inviting users within your practice.

*User Manager capabilities will automatically be added to the account that was the first created for your practice.

1. Modifying 2-Step Verification Settings

Within the "Manage Users" view you will find the 2-Step Verification Settings for all users on your account. Here you can toggle this setting on and off to require a second verification step during the registration process for doctors or patients you send secure messages to.

Read more about 2-Step Verification settings here.

2. Viewing Users and their registration status

This "Manage Users" option will show any MySecurePractice portal user that has been invited to your practice's main account - whether they have registered fully or not.

See instructions for inviting users to your account for the first time here:
Invite a doctor or staff in your practice to use SecureMail

You will see in the Manage Users view that they have either registered but haven't completed the two-step verification, or that they have fully registered and completed the two-step verification.

3. Editing information for invited users

If your account is a User Manager, within the "Manage Users" screen you will have the option to "Edit" the information for any user you have invited and update information to assist them with the registration process. You can modify the email address you sent the original message to, as well as the phone number or cell phone number you entered during the sending of the original message. Remember to SAVE your changes, then you can ask the user to try following the registration link again and/or send them a new message to the current email address for the account.


4. Paying for additional user accounts

Once you select the "Edit" button on any given user's account, you will have the option to "Purchase SecureMail for this User," similar to below:

If you choose to purchase SecureMail for a user, you will see the confirmation screen shown below and this account will be granted paid SecureMail access immediately:


**This will start charging the $10/month per account fee using the credit card used to pay for your original account with. If you wish to make any changes to this payment method or other arrangements, you must contact our Billing Dept. directly at 800-840-5383.

5. View your SecureMail payments and invoices

A User Manager user has the ability to view their SecureMail payments (for your account and any others you may be paying for) within the Messaging tab your user Profile settings. Choose "Profile" from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen and then the "Messaging" tab to see this option.


Here, clicking the "View Invoices" button will open up a list of payments (for your user and any others your User Manager account is paying for) and also provides a button that will email the invoices for your user only to your email address.

6. Managing User Manager users on your account

Your practice's main account can be setup with as many User Manager users as are needed. Only PBHS Support can assist you with adding User Manager privileges onto an existing user's settings.

Also keep in mind that this User Manager user must have a credit card on file. If your account was granted User Manager privileges but already paid for by another User Manager, you will not be able to pay for additional accounts in this way.





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