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Instructions below ONLY apply to iConsult.

In this section, we will go over the following:

  1. Patient Consultation
  2. **Maintaining your iConsult Patient List

Patient Consultation

  1. Within your iConsult Application on the iPad
  2. Once your patient's procedure is selected and open (click here for instructions on selecting a procedure)
  3. You will see 4 main tabs:
    1. Presentation
    2. Sketch Pad
    3. Documents
    4. Notes

Presentation tab

The presentation tab contains the slides, procedure lists and videos (silent animations) for the specific procedure you have selected.  You can choose to showcase any of these types of media by scrolling through the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen and selecting the one you would like to review with the patient.

Within the Presentation tab, you can annotate on top of any image slide using the tool bar at the top. Just remember that as soon as you navigate away from this slide any annotations made will be permanent on that slide in this presentation for this patient consultation.

Note: Presentations can be customized per procedure however this would apply to ALL patients and cannot be customized for individual patients.  Please contact PBHS Support if you would like to remove or customize any slides or procedures lists for a particular procedure.

The "Anesthesia Options" procedure list is shown as an example below:

Sketch Pad

The Sketch Pad tab is meant for annotating on top of an image during a consultation. When you select this tab, you will see pre-formatted sketch templates you can use on the left which are the same for every procedure. 

Note: Please contact PBHS Support if you would like to add or remove any built-in sketch templates for a particular procedure.

Images already included in the sketch pad

To your LEFT, you will have 6 templates you can annotate on:

Side Head View Dental Implants Teeth Diagram 1 Teeth Diagram 2
Blank Canvas Graph Canvas Front Head View  

Adding new images to the sketch pad

In addition to the built-in sketch templates, you can also add custom sketches that will appear in the sketches list on the left.

A. Using the small camera icon on the menu at the top, you can take a picture on your iPad or pull from your iPad's library of photos. A new or saved photo of an x-ray of the patient is a great way to showcase their x-rays during the consultation!

B. You can also take a "screenshot" during a video (silent animation) in the Presentation tab. As the animation plays, use the small camera button to take a screenshot and it will appear in your list of sketches.

Use the Select Sketch button on the bottom left to load the list of template sketches or custom sketches.

The images will automatically save with any changes you make and/or upload.  


Once either select a sketch, you can use your tool bar to either write/draw on top of the image.

Reset Image Eraser Text Pencil Image Upload
  • Reset Image:  Will reset your image back to its original state (this will remove any editing completed on the picture
  • Eraser:  Can be used to erase any drawings on your image
  • Text:  Can be used to type anything needed onto the image
  • Pencil:  Can be used to mark on your image free hand
  • Image Upload:  Will allow you to upload a new image which you can edit away from the current image you are on

Text tool, this will allow you to use your iPad keyboard to type anything needed on any template or image.  As you see below we created text (in black) labeled "Removed".  *Please note you cannot erase text!

Tool Tip:  To change the color of your text font, first choose the "Drawing Tool" select the color you would like- then select the Text tool and start typing with that color!

Pencil tool, once you set the color and size- select the "Close" button so you have adequate room.  

This tool will allow you to mark up any template or image uploaded free hand.  As you see below we made circles around the third molars. *Please note, any drawing objects can be removed using the erase tool.  

Once you move to your next sketch, changes and annotations you have made will be saved permanently.  You can re-select this edited sketch from the list, but you can only make new edits to it.  

Documents tab

Here you will find any consent forms and/or brochures that come with this procedure.  Along with this, if your patient has submitted a TruForm prior to this consultation (it will be listed here.  Please note, each procedure will have consent forms and/or brochure forms formated for that procedure.

If you would like custom consent forms and/or brochures uploaded for each procedures, please contact support to start this process!

  • It will always be listed as "TruForm" then - [patient name]

Any form uploaded here (aside from brochures as these are just educational documents) will be programmed to be signed and/or filled out for consent forms).

  1. Once you select the form from your list above, the form will open fitted to your iPad screen.
  2. You will notice you have a similar sketch pad tool bar which you can use to annotate on the form as you see fit:
  3. From here you can fill out the needed field by tapping on each one as needed:

Signature Fields

  • By tapping on the signature field, this will bring up a signature box as seen below.  
  • The patient can sign with a stylus or their finger right on the iPad.  
  • Once done they can select the green "Done" button

Initial Fields

  • By tapping on the initial field, this will bring up a  similar signature box as seen below.  
  • The patient can sign their initial and select the green "Done" button once completed:

Text fields, Checkboxes and Radiobutton Fields

Will all work in the same manner

  • Radiobuttons & Checkboxes:  Tap directly on that field to select it
  • Text Fields:  Tap directly on the text field to begin typing using your iPad keyboard as seen below:

Document Navigation

  • At the very top of your form, you will always have a "Cancel" and "Finish" option. 
    • Cancel:  You can choose to cancel your document at anytime, no changes will be saved and you can reopen this document at anytime to start again.
    • Finish:  This will finalize the document where you are, and cannot be edited again (only overwritten if you wish to start this document over from your "Documents" tab).
  • For multiple page documents, you will see a "Next" option in your upper RIGHT hand corner. 
  • Once selected, it will give you a warning that you cannot return to this page once you select "Yes"
  • Select "Yes" to go to the next page
  • Once you have reached the last page of your document (and/or if its a single one page document), you will see a "Finish" option in your upper RIGHT hand corner.
  • Once selected, it will give you a warning that you will not be able to return and make edits once you select "Yes"
  • Select "Yes" to finalize this form:

Notes tab
**Note, patients will not be able to see this section of information from their patient portal.

Here you can add general notes as you see fit. 

  • ADDING NOTES:  You can select the + sign to add a new note in your upper LEFT hand corner
    • Tap on the new field labeled "Insert Note Here" which will be overwritten once you select the field, and you can begin to type using your iPad keyboard
  • EDITING NOTES:  You can edit any prior notes just by tapping on that field, you will see your cursor and can use your iPad keyboard to input further information
  • SAVING NOTES:  Notes will auto-save
  • DELETING NOTES:  You can remove any notes you wish by selecting the trash can icon to the far RIGHT of each note

Completing your Consultation

Once you have completed your consultation, you can select the "Save & Exit" red button at the bottom of your consultation.  

  • This will bring you back to your patient account below
  • If you are certain you are done with the consultation, you can select "Finalize Consult"
    **Note, you will no longer be able to go back into the consultation for any additions or editing.

Maintaining your Patient List within the iConsult App

This application is not meant to store old patients within the iConsult app itself.  Once you have finalized your patient (and you have no other consultations to complete and/or the patient has been integrated back into your software), you will want to deactivate this patient so it no longer loads within the iConsult app.  You would need to do this per patient, so it is a good idea to do this with each patient once their consultation is finalized within your office!  

Please note if you do not maintain your patient list as this section explains, you will encounter usability issues as you add more and more patients  (i.e. crashing as it is trying to load too many patient consultations).  This is due to size of each consultation which is unique to each patient and carries numerous large scale images and videos.  

Deactivate Patients through iConsult Website:

  1. Once you login 
  2. Find or navigate to the first patient you would like to 'Deactivate' within your list
  3. Select the 'Deactivate' option on your far right of the patient name (same line):
  4. Once selected, you will see the 'Deactivated' has changed to 'Activate' (meaning it is now deactivated).
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each patient you wish to deactivate, this will REMOVE the patient from your iConsult iPad APP (the patient will always be listed within your online portal, where you can activate the patient back to your iConsult iPad APP at anytime).

Activate Patients through iConsult Website:

  1. Once you login 
  2. Find or navigate to the first patient you would like to 'activate' within your list
  3. Select the "'Activate' option on your far right of the patient name (same line):
  4. Once selected, you will see the 'Activate' has changed to 'Deactivated' (meaning this patient is now active and will be visible through your iConsult iPad Application).  
  5. Make sure to refresh your iConsult iPad APP by doing a fresh login.  
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each patient you wish to activate.


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