Mail Forwarding


Forwarding Accounts

Login to with or another admin user

  • Click iAdmin on the top left
    • 01._Login.PNG
  • Click User Administration
    • 02._iAdmin.PNG
  • Click on an email to open its settings
    • 03._User_Administration.PNG
  • Forwarding: To forward each email sent to this account to another, please put the email address within the forwarding field and save (*Note* in this case, the email will not reach the current account)
    • 06._Forwarding.PNG
  • Forwarding to multiple accounts: To forward the message to multiple email accounts, add each email address, separated by commas
    • 07._Multiforwarding.PNG
  • Saving a copy: To forward a copy of the message to another account, add a period and comma before the email address
    • 08._Saving_a_copy.PNG
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