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In this section, we will go over the following:

Through our MySecurePractice Portal, you can add any new images to your playlist using the steps below.  

Adding Media

  1. Once you login
  2. View the Playlist you would like to edit
  3. Select the "Add Media" button in the upper right hand corner
  4. Select the Media Type for this play list item:
    1. Youtube Video
    2. Category Rotating Video
    3. Slide Creator

Youtube Video

You can add an unlimited amount of YouTube videos to your playlist at anytime.  Repeat these steps for each YouTube video needed.  

  1. First navigate to,  and select the video you would like to use 
    1. if you already have the YouTube URL copied- skip to step 4.
  2. Once the video opens to play, locate the address bar at the top where the URL is visible
  3. Copy the end of the URL after the '=' sign:
    For example, you would copy the bold part of this YouTube URL here:
    • To give another example:  you may come across a video that has a longer URL
      1. Copy the text after the FIRST '=' sign, all the way to the letter before the '&' symbol:
  4. Back on MySecurePractice, within the "Add Media" page- give the video a title

  5. Select the radio button option for "Youtube Video" (it will be selected by default)
  6. The "Youtube Video ID" will appear directly below, enter in the copied portion of the YouTube video URL you completed in Step 3:
  7. Select the "Done" button to finalize this youtube video into your playlist.
  8. Any new items will be added to the very bottom of your playlist:
    • You can identify the youtube video ID by looking at the Title within your playlist
    • You can reorder the video within your playlist, or use the "Actions" drop down to complete the following:
      • Play 
        Play this item directly from your playlist on the TV connected to the ADA TV Stick.  Once this item has played, it will then revert back to the next item that was going to play (before you chose to manually play this media item).  
      • Preview
        Preview the item directly in your browser, from here you can set the volume, start and stop times.
      • Copy
        Add a copy/duplicate of this media item to your playlist.
      • Remove
        Remove the item in your playlist.  This will move the item to your "Archived" section, a list located under your active playlist section.  You can "Recover" this item at anytime.

Slide Creator

You can add an unlimited amount of images to your playlist at anytime (PNG/JPG FORMAT ONLY!).  Repeat these steps for each image needed.  Please note you should have these images locally saved on the same computer you are uploading images from.

  1. Add a Title to the image you are uploading
  2. Select the radio button option for "Slide Creator"
  3. You can either upload your own image, or select a template 
    Image requirements will appear directly below, very important to review and understand the following (this will ensure the quality of the images presented on the TV):
    • Only JPG and PNG file types are supported.
    • Full HD 1080 pixel resolution is recommended to deliver sharp images.
    • Full HD 1080 pixel resolution has a vertical resolution of 1080 pixels and a horizontal resolution of 1920 pixels, as well as a 16x9 aspect ratio.
  4. To use a template, click directly on the template image thumbnail you would like to use. 
  5. OR you can upload your own image by selecting the "Upload Slide" button
  6. Browse and select the image from your computer, then select Open:
  7. This will take you to our Image Editor, [Editor Instructions]
  8. If you are done editing or have no edits you wish to make, select the Save button in the upper LEFT hand corner:
  9. You will see a preview of your image directly below the Image Requirements section:
  10. Select the Done button to finalize this image into your playlist.
  11. Any newly added items will be placed at the very bottom of your playlist:
    • You can no reorder this new item within your playlist

Slide Editor

Within this editor you can edit your image, including: Text, Stickers, Frames, Shapes, and Filters.  We will go over a few of the common features below:

  1. Text
  2. Filters


In this section, we will go over the following:

  1. Adding Text
  2. Moving Text
  3. Font Color
  4. Font Size

Adding Text

You can add text on your image within the Slide Creator Editor.  Please follow the instructions below once you are within the Slide Creator Editor.

  1. Within the Slide Creator Editor
  2. Select the TEXT icon below:
  3. First, select "Add Text", this will add a text field on your image or template:
    **You must 'Add Text' before you can apply color/font style!
  4. Once the text is on your screen, you can now complete the following:
    1. Moving Text Location
    2. Selecting Text Color
    3. Selecting Text Font
    4. Changing Text Size

Moving Text Location on Image

  1. Once you have the text inserted on the image
  2. Make sure the the image is selected (a gray line will border the text once selected):
  3. Once selected, you can click the selected text field while holding down the left button of your mouse to drag the text field anywhere on the image:

See here for a quick demonstration on how to move text fields in the slide editor:


Selecting Text Color

  1. Within the Slide Creator Editor
  2. Once you have the text inserted on the image
  3. Make sure the the image is selected (a gray line will border the text once selected):
  4. Select a color option in the top text toolbar above:




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