Social Connect Setup


Social Connect Set Up – 10 Easy Steps

  1. Please login to your website then click Social Connect.
    • 1._Admin.png
  2. Click Setup My PBHS Connect Account.
    • 2._Social_Connect.png
  3. On the next screen, select the "Connect Your Facebook" button.
    • 3._Connect_to_Facebook.png
  4. Log into your Facebook User. This Facebook User will need to be the same user that has Admin access to your Business Page.
    • 4._Facebook_Login.png
  5. From there, the app will ask for access to your name, profile picture and email address. Please click "OK."
    • 5._Access_Request.png
  6. The app will then ask for access to manage your Pages and publish as Pages you manage. All of these requests are necessary to make posts on your behalf under Facebook's new security regulations.
    • 6._Page_Access_Request.png
  7. After clicking "OK," then you will be returned to the PBHS Connect screen, where you will be asked to Select pages you want to use for publishing.
    • 7._Page_Selection.png
  8. After clicking inactive, (which will toggle to active), the survey will be linked to post on your page!
    • 8._Page_Activated.png
  9. Click "Return," to go back to your website. The next step is to assign what type of submission from the website will be imported into your Facebook.
    • 9._Select_Posts_to_Autopost.PNG
  10. Then once that is Saved, you are all set!
    • 10._All_Done_.png
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