I Received an "Action required for your PBHS Website" Email



Q1: Is this email really from PBHS?

A: Yes. We've been sending this email to all applicable clients. If the email appears similar to the following image, then you've also received this email from us! If the email has a subject line other than "Action Required for your PBHS Website" or "2nd Notice regarding your PBHS Website-Action Required " or an appearance other than the ones below, or it comes from a sender that looks suspicious, please contact us before proceeding.



Q2: Is this really mandatory?

A: Yes. We are updating our internal systems to give you a number of free benefits, and this update will be required for proper functioning of your website.

Q3: What happens if I decide not to do this?

A: On January 15th we will be initiating the upgrade, and if you have decided not to proceed, your website's loading speed will fall drastically, and may have problems loading entirely, until it is properly upgraded.

Q4: How much will this cost?

A: Nothing! This upgrade is 100% free, and comes with a number of other benefits as well.

Q5: What benefits does this upgrade entail?

A: As described on the email, there are a number of useful benefits:

  • Free SSL certificate
    • With an SSL certificate, your domain will show up with a "Secure" listing or green padlock in the address bar, setting patients at ease and showing that your site is secure.
    • Google ranks sites with an SSL certificate much higher than sites without SSL certificates. With SSL, you may get a Google ranking boost!
  • Extra layers of security
    • With extra security, your site will be protected from a number of malicious attacks, such as DDoS, SQL injections, and brute-force attacks.
  • Load balancing across 54 available global regions
    • Your website will be served closer to where your patients live.
  • Faster, more reliable internet experience for all viewers of your website


Q6: The link is missing / does not work!

A: You may need to enable links in your email. Some email services automatically disable links to protect users from viruses and other malicious links. The way to do this varies depending on the mail service used. Please consult with your mail service's help desk, or your IT tech. If you are still unable to access the link, please contact PBHS Support by emailing support@pbhs.com or calling 888 840-0739.

Q7: The website is wrong / I am no longer affiliated with that website

A: We use the information on file when sending the emails! Please reply to the email letting us know what information is incorrect, so that we can verify and correct any outdated information.

Q8: Why do we need to request a phone call before we can make the required change?

A: We need to ensure we have all of your records copied correctly on our end before the change is made to ensure no interruption of e-mail or other domain-level services.

Q9: Does PBHS manage my domain? They handle my website.

A:There are two parts to a website: the server, where all of the images, text, and other files for your website are stored, and the domain name, which directs traffic to your server.

PBHS manages the server side of your website, but does not necessarily manage your domain. While we do manage the domain for many of our clients, if you've received this email, you have elected to not have PBHS manage at least one of your domains.

If you do not know how to access your domain, there are many web services (such as whois.godaddy.com) that can tell you the registrar the domain is registered with, as well as the name of the person registering your domain.

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