AspenTV: Quick Start Guide (First Time Wi-Fi Setup)



The instructions below will work for the following locations: (all other Aspen Offices, click here)

  • 3138 - Hudson NY
  • 3320 - Berlin VT (main lobby device only)
  • 3160 - Round Rock TV (main lobby device only)
  • 4019 - Florissant MO (green room device only)
  • 4010 - Palatka FL

In this section, we will go over the following:

  1. About AspenTV
  2. Installation Instructions
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. AspenTV Technical Support

Waiting Room Patient Engagement and Education

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    Get patients excited and educated about treatment and financing options before planning
  • Seamless and consistent consult process, with best practices distributed & incorporated
  • Revenue growth behind increased Yes% and improved product/service mix
  • Efficiency/Cost savings: Printed collateral and DirectTV
  • Internal communications and Continuing Education utilization


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Installation Instructions

Included with AspenTV for each room:

aspen-device.png hdmi-cable2-white.jpg
AspenTV Stick Optional HDMI Extender
Use if HDMI inputs on TV are hard to reach
powercord.jpg wireless-touch-keyboard-k400-plus.png
AspenTV Power Adapter AspenTV Keyboard
Used for install & initial volume setup
Optional Velcro Mounting Dots
(For use if HDMI extender is used)

Pro Tips - Read First!

  • Recommended installation windows: 9am-12am & 1-5pm EST
  • Keyboards are matched to sticks – label them appropriately
  • Start in the greenroom – get used to the steps here first

Step 1:  Unboxing & Pre-Setup

  1. Open AspenTv & matching keyboard boxes & confirm parts list.
  2. Plug the AspenTV power adapter plug into the AspenTv Stick
  3. Confirm tab within keyboard battery panel has been removed
  4. Turn keyboard ON (green) and keep it nearby
  5. Turn-Television on (ensure it is showing cable television)


Within your shipment delivered, you will find the following item within your keyboard box:


 *Remember to remove the tab located within the battery panel of the keyboard:

  1. Open and turn the keyboard over to the backside
  2. Slide open the battery panel
  3. Pull and remove the yellow tab so the batteries can now connect
  4. Close the battery panel to start use:

Step 2: Connecting your AspenTV

  1. Unplug the existing cable box HDMI cable connecting from the TV (usually located on the right hand side of the TV)
  2. Remove the cap from the AspenTV® stick and connect it to the same HDMI port previously used by the cable system (usually on right side of TV)
  3. Note: If HDMI location is hard to reach use the included HDMI extender cable
  4. Reach behind the television and unplug the cable box from the wall outlet (tuck wires & leave cable box behind TV during the pilot)
  5. Connect the AspenTv power adapter into the same wall outlet behind the television

Step 3: Connecting to Wireless Network

  1. Unpack your wireless keyboard and make sure its power switch is set to green (on).
  2. Turn on TV and make sure the TV's input is set correctly.
  3. When prompted, select your WIFI network name "IOT"
    *note, the network names listed below will not match.  Please look for the IOT network name within your list.
    (click image for larger view)
  4. Enter the password given by your AspenDental IT Department and click "Connect".
    (click image for larger view)

  5. Call the AspenTV technical support leader* (Not Field Support) at (315) 454-6000 (x 202186) to mark you connected to Wi-Fi on their end.  
  6. Select the "Restart" button within this Network window.  Your AspenTV should start automatically. 

Congratulations!  You have successfully set up your AspenTV!


  • Stuck at this screen after Step 3I?
    Your device has not been whitelisted by IT.
    Call Homer Rice: 315-454-6000 x202186, confirm device has been whitelisted and restart.
  • Picture on, but sound too low? 
    Use the volume buttons on the keyboard (top right corner) to raise volume, then adjust using your remote control
  • Seeing something completely different than install guide:
    Call technical device help at Technical device help: 1-888-840-0739 and/or email
    If there is a problem with the physical device, we will send you a new one.

AspenTV Technical Support Desk

  • Nick Munger & Ekow Mensah will schedule startup 'office hours' for first 5 practices
  • Homer Rice (x 202186) will own whitelisting process post 7/8/19

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