Chromebit Devices: Advanced Wi-Fi Setup


If you have an advanced Wi-Fi setup, you can use the instructions below for additional configuration as needed:

  1. Once the white startup screen appears (Connecting to Network screen) on the TV as the device attempts to find a network.
  2. While on this screen, simultaneously Press Ctrl + Alt + S on the keyboard.
    Note: DO NOT press the blue "Configure Network" link. If you do accidentally press this link, you will need to unplug the device from the power, then plug it back in and begin again from Step 1.
  3. The screen will flash and take you to a login screen.
  4. Select the "Add Person" button located in the bottom left hand corner 

  5. Enter the username of: and select "Next"
  6. Enter the password "pb#610Hs" and select "Next"
  7. Select "Accept and Continue"
  8. Click on the WiFi logo in the lower right-hand corner (between the time and the letters "US").
  9. Select the option "No Networks".
    Note: If you are UPDATING your existing WiFi settings, this option may say "Connected to      " rather than "No Networks."
  10. Select the "Settings" icon in the upper right hand corner of the menu:
  11. Select "Add Connection" under the Network Section. 
  12. Here your IT can setup the needed information for your unique Wi-Fi.
  13. Click on the WiFi logo in the lower right-hand corner (between the time and the letters "US").
  14. Select the "Sign Out" button:
  15. Your device should load and then start playing!!


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