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In this section, we will go over the following:

  1. Supported Platforms
  2. Enable AutoPlay
  3. Consult Mode
  4. Consult Mode User

Supported Platforms

The Consult Mode and Playlist Preview features are only supported on the web browsers listed below, dependent on the device you are using to access the MySecurePractice portal: 

The  browsers and devices you can utilize with Consult Mode are:


Google Chrome [download] *Recommended
Mozilla Firefox [download]
Internet Explorer

MAC and iOS tablet:


Android tablet:

Google Chrome


Enable AutoPlay

**Note this will only work if you have Google Chrome version 76 and below:

Having trouble using Consult Mode or the Playlist Preview feature? The links below provide instructions on how to enable autoplay of videos with different web browsers.

Google Chrome Instructions **Make sure you are using the most up-to-date Google Chrome browser.
Mozilla Firefox Instructions [click here]
Mac Safari Instructions [click here]


Consult Mode

Consult mode gives you the ability to use any playlist chair side with your patient helping to promote patient education about a dental problem and procedure needed. 

If you would like to create a new playlist (just for Consult Mode), to create a playlist first by clicking here.  

Within Consult Mode, you can become familiar with the following:

Creating a Consult Playlist

**Consult mode works best with MP4 and images.  Although you can include YouTube videos in your  shorter playlists for Consult Mode, ads may play over the YouTube video of which PBHS cannot remove or control. 

Consult Mode YouTube ad Example below:

While the YouTube Video Plays:



If you would like to create an additional Consult Mode playlist, click here and follow the instructions on how to create a new playlist. 

Once you have your playlist(s) created, you are now ready to use Consult Mode:


Accessing Consult Mode

PBHS can create an additional user, that only has access to Consult Mode.  This will allow you to quickly login to our portal with the Consult Mode user and bring you right to Consult Mode- see below for further details.  

  1. Once you login
  2. Select the "Silent Partner" TV icon from your dashboard
  3. Within the Playlist section, click on the "Actions" drop down menu for the playlist you would like to view within Consult Mode
  4. Select "Consult Mode"
  5. Your playlist will automatically appear, and will start auto playing the first item within your playlist:
    • The playlist will auto play from start to finish, and will auto loop back to the start of the playlist once it reaches the bottom of the playlist (unless you have auto play turned OFF, in which case the video will need to be manually selected from the playlist in order to play). 
      **Videos not autoplaying? Click here for information on enabling autoplay in your browser.        

Consult Mode User

PBHS Support can create a separate user in your account, which only has access to the Consult Mode section of your MySecurePractice Account.  You would still need to login directly to from any supported platform/browser, and then Consult Mode would open directly.  

While in a consultation, this user login can be used to access Consult Mode quickly, and also gives you the ability to confidently leave a tablet/computer or device with the patient (without any concerns about them accessing other secure portions of your MySecurePractice account).  

We can modify an existing email user already in your account (note this will remove all other admin access from this user), or you can provide a new email address to create the Consult Mode user.

Please email or call PBHS with a request to add a Consult Mode User to our support department ( or 888-840-0739).

  1. Once your Consult Mode user is registered, login
  2. This will bring you directly into Consult Mode


Video Controls

Auto Play Setting

You now have the ability to set your playlist's auto play to ON or OFF.  By default it will be turned ON.  

  • auto-play.png
    Auto Play ON  - this will automatically play each video/image within your playlist from the top to the bottom.  By default, this setting will be ON (and can be changed at anytime by the user).  
  • auto-play-off.png
    Auto Play OFF - this will turn OFF auto play, and you will need to manually click to play each item needed within your playlist to the RIGHT.  Once auto play is turned off, it will stay at this setting until you turn it back on.

Located at the top of your playlist, directly under the Playlist Title:

Play and Pause 

Please note, the way you can play and pause MP4's and YouTube videos will differ.  This is described below: 

You can pause and play the video in two ways:

  1. YOUTUBE VIDEOS:  Click directly on the video in the area highlighted below each time to pause or play:
  2. MP4 VIDEOS:   Use the pause and play buttons below the video playing:
    • While the video is playing, you can pause the video at anytime by selecting the Pause button as highlighted below:
      *Note, this view may look slightly different, depending on the browser you are using with Consult Mode.
    • While the video is paused, you can play the video at anytime by selecting the Play button as highlighted below:
      *Note, this view may look slightly different, depending on the browser you are using with Consult Mode.


You can view Full screen on any media item within your list.  You can exit Full screen at anytime, or continue playing the playlist from start to finish within playlist.

  1. While viewing your media item below, select the "FULLSCREEN" option located directly below/left of center of the media preview window
  2. This will maximize your media item to full screen, and continue to play your playlist from start to finish.
  3. Press the ESC key located on your keyboard, and you will be brought back to your media preview and playlist:

Next and Previous Options

You can skip to the next or previous video at anytime within the video preview and playlist view below.  

  1. You can use the "PREVIOUS" and "NEXT" buttons directly below your video preview to move through your playlist as needed:
    • Previous will play the media item directly before the current media item you are previewing
    • Next will play the media item directly after the current media item you are previewing
    • Additionally, you can directly select the media item you want to play within the playlist menu to the RIGHT:


Playlist Selection within Consult Mode

You can change your playlist at anytime within Consult Mode.  Note, the playlist will only appear if it is a active (not archived) playlist.

  1. Select the "select \/" drop down, located in your upper right hand corner:
  2. This will display ALL active playlists, now select the playlist you would like to use in Consult Mode - this will bring your selected playlist:
    • If you choose to not go to a different playlist, you can click directly on the "select \/," which  brings you back to your current media preview and playlist view.
    • If you do click directly on the playlist you would like to use, this will open the Media Preview and playlist view for that playlist selected will display:


Exit Consult Mode

  1. Select the "EXIT" button centered directly below your media preview window:
  2. This will take you back to your "Manage Silent Partner" page:
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