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The ADA TV system comes with curated ADA content.  This content includes videos for:

  1. Toothflix
  2. Mouth Healthy Moment
  3. Dental Minute

Additionally, each month the ADA designs new specific monthly marketing images and/or videos.  These items are automatically updated every 30 days within your playlist.

If you don't see this media currently added in your playlist?  You can add the ADA marketing slides, located under Marketing: GP category (instructions here).

All ADA marketing slides can be found under the "Marketing: GP" category:

  1. October 2021
  2. September 2021
  3. August 2021
  4. July 2021
  5. June 2021 (no updates)
  6. May 2021
  7. April 2021 (no updates)
  8. March 2021
  9. February 2021
  10. January 2021

October 2021 ADA New Marketing Slides


September 2021 ADA New Marketing Slides


August 2021 ADA Marketing Slides


August 2021 slides included:

  1. ADA:  ADA Mouthguard Tip #7 - Schedule visit
  2. ADA:  ADA August 22nd is Tooth Fairy Day

July 2021 ADA Marketing Slides


July 2021 slides included:

  1. ADA: COVID Vaccine Questions 
  2. ADA: Crushed Ice
  3. ADA: September | Start the school year with a smile!
  4. ADA: Summer Fun
  5. ADA: -ose

May 2021 ADA Marketing Slides


May 2021 slides included:

  1. ADA: Safe Whitening Products
  2. ADA: First Tooth = First Dental Visit
  3. ADA:- Did you know? Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Facts 
  4. ADA: COVID Vaccine Questions 

March 2021 ADA Marketing Slides


March 2021 slides included:

  1. ADA: Happy Women's History Month!
  2. ADA: Nation Nutrition Month 
  3. ADA: Dr. Seuss, The Tooth Book (ADATV_March2-6_DrSeussWeek)
  4. ADA: Don't leave the health of your mouth up to luck!
  5. ADA: Questions about Covid-19 vaccines?

February 2021 ADA Marketing Slides


February 2021 slides included:

  1. ADA: Presidential Tooth Truth
  2. ADA: Show Your Smile Some Love
  3. ADA: NCDHM Get it from the Tap

January 2021 ADA Marketing Slides


January 2021 slides included:

  1. ADA: 2021 Brushing Calendar Challenge
  2. ADA: Start 2021 with a Smile
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