ADA TV: ADA Content


The ADA TV system also comes with curated ADA content.  This content includes:

  1. Toothflix
  2. Mouth Healthy Moment
  3. Dental Minute

Each month the ADA designs new specific monthly marketing images and/or videos, these items are automatically updated every 30 days within your playlist. 

All ADA marketing slides can be found under the "Marketing: GP" category:

January 2020 ADA Marketing Slides

  1. ADA: January Marketing | ADA-Accepted interdental Cleaners (MP4)

  2. ADA: January Marketing | 2020 Brushing Calendar Challenge (Image)ADATV_January_2020_BrushingCalendar__002_.png
  3. ADA: January Marketing | Start 2020 with a Smile, Schedule your Appointment! (Image)



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