Amazon Fire Silent Partner TV: Installing the Silent Partner TV App


On your Amazon Fire TV Device, please complete the following steps to install the Silent Partner TV app.

  1. Within your Amazon Fire TV device, select the Find option:
  2. Select the Search option:
  3. Type in the app name, Silent Partner TV: 
  4. Once Silent Partner TV is typed in, with your Fire TV remote scroll down and select the Silent Partner TV option to begin your search:
  5. Navigate to the APPS & Games section to select the Silent Partner TV app option within the search results displayed:
  6. On the Silent Partner TV app page, select the Get option to download the Silent Partner TV App:
    sp-get-app.pngTroubleshooting: Although the Silent Partner TV app is FREE, Amazon Fire TV requires you to have a valid credit card on file in order to download any paid or free app.  Note, if you do not have a valid card on file, you will get a error similar to this when you try to download the Silent Partner TV app: "Purchase Failure: For your convenience all purchases are completed with your Amazon one-click settings. We cannot complete your order because you do not have a valid payment billing address set up in your Amazon account." If you receive this message: Please Click Here to enter your card information. BE SURE TO LOGIN TO AMAZON WITH THE SAME ACCOUNT USED FOR YOUR FIRESTICK.    
  7. Once downloaded, select the Open option to begin the Silent Partner TV App:
  8. This will bring you to the Silent Partner TV Login screen, here you can login with your generated app credentials provided in your setup instructions email:
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