truform Bridge Log


Support may request the truform Bridge log.  Please see the instructions below, which will walk you through (or your office IT) how to obtain these files for PBHS review.

On the same computer your truForm Bridge is installed on, please complete the following:

HINT In order to see the ProgramData folder, you may need to turn ON Show hidden files, folders, or drives (if you haven't done this already)click here for instructions.

  1. Within Windows Explorer, navigate to the following two folders:
    1. C:\ProgramData\PBHS\TruformBridgeService 
    2. C:\ProgramData\PBHS\TruformBridge
      **There are two folders named similar, please ensure to open TruformBridge (with no spaces), DO NOT use the folder with a space labeled Truform Bridge!!
  2. In the first folder: C:\ProgramData\PBHS\TruformBridgeService 
    • Find the file called TruFormBridgeService.txt - select and attach this file in a email to sent to PBHS Support.
  3. In the second folder:  C:\ProgramData\PBHS\TruformBridge 
    • Find the file called TruFormBridge.txt - select and attach this file in the same email from step #2 for PBHS Supports review.  
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