Adding Integration Credentials into WinOMScs v.9.2 (or higher)


Instructions below ONLY apply to truForm with Carestream (WinOMscs) Integration.

In order to complete this section, you must complete the below item:

  1. Generate Credentials for WinOMScs Software through MySecurePractice (one time setup)

Once this 1 item above is completed, please follow the instructions below:

Please follow the instructions below to add your truForm created credentials into your WinOMScs Software.  This will connect your practice software to your MySecurePractice truForm account, enabling you to pull submitted truForms into your software!!

  1. Once you've created your Generated Credentials *required step!
  2. Within WinOMScs, select the Tables drop down:
  3. Select the Practice option:
  4. Select the Patient Registration Preferences option
  5. Here you can enter your V6 Log On Credentials (generated credentials from
  6. Select the OK button to save your changes.

Now you can poll your v.6 MySecurePractice submissions!

Please Note

  • Both V1 Log On Credentials ( and V6 Log On Credentials ( can be used and polled from at the same time if needed.  Just enter the credentials for each system in the correct locations above. 
  • Once PBHS has converted your forms over to MySecurePractice from MyPBHS, you will no longer need credentials in the V1 Log On Credentials area- these can be removed (click here for further instructions).
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