Setup of the PBHS truForm Bridge


Instructions below ONLY apply to truForm with Eaglesoft.

You must install this truForm Bridge application on your Eaglesoft server, which will connect your Eaglesoft software to your truForm account.

In order to complete this section, you must have the following reviewed:

  1. Checking Your Eaglesoft Software Version
  2. Minimum Technical Specifications
  3. Uninstall previously installed truForm Bridge (for existing integration clients who have previously used the truForm Bridge).

Once these 3 sections are reviewed, please proceed below:

By completing the below steps; I understand that the truform Bridge was designed to be installed on the same computer as the Eaglesoft server, and that installing and/or using the truForm Bridge elsewhere may cause un-intended consequences which PBHS does not support.

  1. If you have the truForm Bridge previously installed on your server, please uninstall the bridge first before proceeding below.
  2. To begin the truForm Bridge Install, select the download now button below:
    **You do not need to be logged into MySecurePractice Portal!
  3. A pop-up will ask you to save the setup to your computer:
  4. Navigate to the location on your computer to save the truForm Bridge Setup, and select the Save button
  5. Once saved, navigate to the same location in Windows Explorer window, and double click on the TruformBridgeInstaller.exe to start the install:
    • You may encounter the below screen before STEP 5, select the More info text below:
    • Select the Run anyway button:
  6. Select the Next button:
  7. Select the Install button:
    • This will begin the install of your truForm Bridge:
  8. Once the install is complete, select the Finish button:
    *The Launch Truform Bridge will be auto-checked, allowing your newly installed app to open.
  9. Your truForm Bridge will automatically open below:
    • Additionally, the TruForm Bridge shortcut will be added to your desktop. 

If you haven't already, you can now complete the following items:

  1. Creating TruForm Integration Credentials
  2. Adding Integration Credentials Into Eaglesoft
  3. Converting TruForm Into Eaglesoft


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