Adding Integration Credentials within the truForm Bridge


Instructions below ONLY apply to truForm with Eaglesoft.

Once you have your integration credentials set and saved through our portal, this section will walk you through adding these credentials within our truForm Bridge.

In order to complete this section, you must have the following completed:

  1. Checking Your Eaglesoft Software Version
  2. Minimum Technical Specifications
  3. Setup Of The PBHS truForm Bridge
  4. truForm Integration Credentials Created

Once these 4 steps above are complete, please proceed below:

  1. Navigate to your desktop and double click on the desktop icon labeled, truForm Bridge:
  2. Once the truForm Bridge is open, select the Tools drop down menu:
  3. Under the Tools drop down menu, select the Setup option:
  4. Enter your Generated Integration Username and Password into the correct fields:
  5. Under the Provider drop down, select the desired doctor or staff account (this just allows you to integrate truForm into Eaglesoft, doesn't have any other use within the software):
  6. Select the Back button once the username, password and provider are completed:
  7. Back on the main screen, select the Sync now button, this will connect your truForm Bridge and start the Sync Interval within the MySecurePractice Portal.
  8. You should see a Status section (this will show the connection of the Eaglesoft server to the truForm bridge):

TruForm Bridge Errors

Note the 4 errors below, that can occur during setup:

Error #1: Unable to connect to Eaglesoft Server

Likely Causes #1:  The Bridge application is NOT installed on the same machine as the Patterson servers.

Likely Causes #2:  All or some of Patterson API, Patterson Application, or Patterson Database servers are not running.


Solution #1: Confirm your computer/server user you are logged in as, has full ADMIN rights

Solution #2: Confirm the truForm Bridge is installed on the same computer that your Patterson Server is running from.

Solution #3: Verify status of Patterson servers (they should be all ON) and start them if any are stopped. Restart Bridge application.




Error #2: Unable to connect to Truform Bridge Service

Likely Causes:  Truform Bridge Service is no longer running, or it is running and the desktop application cannot connect to it.


  1. Open Windows Services application
  2. Scroll down the list to find Truform Bridge Service
  3. Verify Status and Start the service if it is not already running.
    • If it is running and the error is present, Restart the service using right-click. Finally restart Bridge desktop application to make sure the error clears.






Error #3: API Error The email address or password provided is incorrect

Likely Causes #1:  The email or password was entered incorrectly.

Likely Causes #2:  The email and password is correct but the wrong API URL is selected.


Solution #1: Confirm the integration credentials are correct (or reset the integration credentials):

  1. Once you've confirmed your correct integration cred's (or reset them)
  2. Within the truForm Bridge, select the Tools drop down menu
  3. Select the Setup option:
  4. Select the Back button once done.

Solution #2: Confirm the API URL is correct:

  1. Within the truForm Bridge, select the Tools drop down menu
  2. Select the Advanced Settings option
  3. Under the API URL text field, ensure the
  4. Select the Back button once done.




Error #4:  API Error Connection Failed, could not retrieve the TF submission.

Likely Causes:  Network issue where the bridge is not able to connect to the API server. For example the machine has lost connection to the internet and then attempted to sync.


  1. Verify the computer/machine is connected to the internet
  2. Back on the truForm Bridge, manually re-sync the bridge by clicking on the Sync now button.




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