TruForm Bridge Application Update


Instructions below ONLY apply to truForm with Eaglesoft.

When an update is applied to the truForm Bridge, you will be prompted to download the update once you open your truForm Bridge application. 

Below is an example of update process, and similar screens you will see:

  1. Double click on the desktop shortcut truform Bridge to open it.
  2. A pop-up will appear alerting you of a new update, select the OK button to continue:
    • You may see the below prompt first, select More info:

    • Select the Run anyway button:
  3. This will start the download of your truform Bridge update      
  4. Once the update is completed, your updated truform Bridge application will open:

From here, you can complete the following:

  1. Integrate a truForm
  2. Viewing truform in Eaglesoft
  3. Auto-Integrate New Users Setting
  4. Integration Auto Sync Time Setting




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