Open the truform Bridge App (as an administrator)


Instructions below ONLY apply to truForm with Eaglesoft.

Support may request that you open the truform Bridge using the instructions below, if we believe your user does not have the needed Admin permissions required to run the truform Bridge. 

When requested by PBHS Support, please follow the instructions below to open and use the truForm Bridge (once installed).

The user who is installing AND using this application MUST have ADMIN privileges on that computer the server is running on.  

  1. Once the truForm Bridge is Installed (Completing steps 1-6 above)
    • *Once installed, DO NOT OPEN THE APPLICATION! Follow the instructions below...
  2. Within Windows Explorer, navigate to:  C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\
    • HINTIn order to see the AppData folder, you may need to turn ON Show hidden files, folders, or drives (if you haven't done this already), click here for instructions.
  3. There should be two randomly generated folder names (one within the other), example:
    • Double click on the first generated folder, which should look similar to this:
    • Now double click on the second folder, which should look similar to this:
  4. Now, sort directory by Date modified column:
  5. Find and open the most recent timestamp for a folder named similar to:
  6. Once in this folder, you can sort by the Type column:
  7. Located at the top, find and RIGHT CLICK on the MyPBHS.TruformIntegrationForm.exe:

  8. Select Run as administrator:
  9. A pop up may appear, Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? - select the Yes button to continue to open the truform Bridge.
    • Dependent on what user you are logged in as, it may ask you to also enter the Administrator password.
    • Once the Admin password is entered, select the Yes button to open the truForm Bridge.

From here, you can now complete the following:

*if you haven't already, please complete the below steps:

  1. truForm Integration Credentials Created
  2. Adding Your Integration Credentials
  3. Setting the Integration Auto Sync Time
  4. truform Integration Steps
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