Samsung ADA TV: Samsung TV Supported Models


The current Samsung TV models supported:

  1. Model Year 2019
  2. Model Year 2020
  3. Model Year 2021

How to find my Samsung TV Model Number

  • Click here for Samsung step by step instructions for finding your TV Model Number. 

However, on newer models, you'll need to look it up in the TV's settings menu:

  1. samsung-tv-settings.webpUse your TV's remote to navigate to Settings
  2. Then select Support.
  3. Select About this TV; the model number or code will be displayed on this page.

Model Number Breakdown:

We’ll use this example: QN65Q800TAFXZA

  1. Q = QLED
  2. N = North America
  3. 65 = Screen size in inches
  4. Q800T = The specific model name
  5. A = First generation
  6. F = ATSC tuner type (USA, Canada)
  7. X = Design code
  8. ZA = Made for USA

Once you've identified your Model Name within the Model Number above, you can now see what Year is associated with your Samsung TV.  


TV Model Names

2021 QAQ9X, QAQ9D, QAQ95, QAQ90_NS, QAQ90, QAQ8D, QAQ85_NS, QAQ85D, QAQ85, QAQ80_NS, QAQ80, QAQ7D, QAQ70_NS, QAQ70, LST5A, QAQ7A, LS03A_NS, LS03AP, LS03A, LS03APD, LS03AD
QAQ900, QAQ850, QAQ800, QAQ700_P, MAWS1
QAQ700, QAQ700_S
UAU9070, UAU9000, QAQ6D, QAQ60, UAU850D, UAU8000, LS05AL
QAQ6D_K, QAQ60_K, QAQ50_K, UAUE60A, UAU7500, UAU7000, UAUE70A, UAU850D_K, UAU8000_K, UAU7700, LSP3, BEA_HB
2020 QTQ800, QTQ800_NS, QTQ850, QTQ900, QTQ950, QTQ950_NS, LSR9, LST7T, QTQ70, QTQ70_NS, QTQ72, QTQ7D, QTQ7X, QTQ80, QTQ80_NS, QTQ8D, QTQ8E, QTQ90, QTQ90_NS, QTQ95, QTQ95_NS, LS05T, LS03T, LS03T_NS, LS01T, LS01T_NS, MTWS1
QTQ60, QTQ62, QTQ6D, QTQ6E, QTQ6X, UTU8500, UTU850D, UTU8510, UTU8570, UTU85A0, QTQ6AC, QTQ6SC, QTQ6XC, UTU8000, UTU800D, UTU8200, UTU8300, UTU8400
LS03TS, UTU7000, UTU700D, UTU7090
UT4310, UT4500, UT4700, UT5310, UT5500, UT5770, UT4300, UT4400, UT5300, UT430E, UT530E
2019 QRQ900B, QRQ90, QRQ85_OC, QRQ80_OC, QRQ80, QRQ75S, QRQ75, QRQ70, QRQ6X, QRQ69, QRQ65A, QRQ60, LS03R, LS05R, LS01R, URU800D, URU8000, MLS07R
QRQ50S, QRQ50, URU7800, URU7700, URU74A0, URU7470, URU7450, URU7410, URU740D, URU7400, URU730D, URU7300, URU710D, URU7100,URU7790,URU77FA
URU7000, URU6900, URUF58T, RUF58T
UR6000, UR5500, UR4500


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