Appointments and Live Support Overview


Appointments & live support

If you schedule appointments with your customers, Appointment Settings allows you to automate that process.  

Do you want the digital receptionist to take an appointment request?

Set the toggle to ‘Yes’ if you schedule appointments with your customers and would like the digital receptionist to manage that process for you.  If not, set the toggle to ‘No.’

Do you allow customers to book appointments via online scheduler?

Set the toggle to ‘Yes’ and then enter the link to the URL where customers can schedule appointments with you online.  Common online scheduling systems include Calendly, Google Calendar, Booker, etc.  Set the toggle to ‘No’ if you do not offer online booking.

NOTE: if you set the first question to ‘Yes’ but the second to ‘No’ the digital receptionist will provide users who want to schedule an appointment with you a form field within the chat window to submit their contact information and preferred day/time.  You will then receive an alert whenever somebody submits an appointment request so that you can confirm with them using the Agentz chat, by emailing or calling them back.

Do you want to activate Live Support?

This setting allows you to decide if you want website visitors to request live help at any time.  When the feature is on, you will receive a text and email alert when a live user requests assistance.

Set the toggle to ‘Yes’ if you would like to give website visitors the ability to request live help.  If not, set the toggle to ‘No.’ 

NOTE:  When a user requests live help, if you do not respond to them within two minutes, the digital receptionist will let them know that you are not currently available and give them the opportunity to submit their contact information and request to your or follow-up.  You will be notified via text and email when you receive a new lead.

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