How do I customize the chatbot menu?


Customize Chatbot Menu

Here you can control the initial conversation prompts that are available when a user first engages with the digital receptionist.  

Update Menu Buttons

You can also update the button options available to users.  Stick with the default options or remove ones you don’t want to make available.  You can also add your own custom buttons to answer specific questions or drive users to a specific piece of information or page on your website. 
The Display Text field allows you to determine how you want the button to read to users.
The Action to Perform field allows you to select from a list of available options:
Just Browsing – This engages the website visitor.  Choosing this takes them through a conversational flow of information about the business.  Elements including images, videos, special offers, reviews and business information can be shown.
Learn About Us – Will take the website visitor through a similar conversation as Just browsing but also includes more information about products and services with the intent of driving to a lead.
Book an Appt – take Appt Request – This provides the ability to drive the user directly to your online booking link or shows a form for the user to submit their contact information and preferred date(s)/time(s).  
Ask for Live Chat/Callback – Allows the user to request live assistance through the chat or request a call back.
Take a Message – Allows the user to submit their contact information along with a message so that they can be contacted back.
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