About the chatbot knowledgebase.


About the Knowledgebase

The Pre-trained library contains questions & answers you can choose to use and you can also add your own at any time.  The more commonly asked questions you enable the digital receptionist to answer, the better the experience for your website visitors and the more leads you will receive as a result.  

There is no right or wrong number of questions & answers to provide, just start by leveraging what has been made available to you and then go from there.

Our pre-trained library is a combination of commonly asked questions that can apply to many types of businesses as well as, in some cases, industry-specific questions & answers that have been developed for your digital receptionist based on common use cases.  When registering, if you selected one of our pre-trained industries, you will have access to corresponding categories.  If not, you will still have access to our library of commonly asked business questions.

Your Knowledgebase is organized with Categories that house Topics within them.  Each Topic can have one or more  Questions assigned to it.  This tree structure enables you to manage your Questions & Answers efficiently.

An example Category might be My Business with a Topic of ‘Cancelation Policy’ and a Question ‘What is your cancelation policy?’

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