How do I setup missed call handling?


Missed call handling

If you have purchased a package that includes SMS auto-reply or missed call handling, you will want to provision a unique tracking number to setup those features. 

Provision a Tracking Number

In order to set up missed call handling or auto-replies to text messages and customer alerts, you will need to provision a tracking number first.  To do so:

1. Login to your dashboard and click on the Settings icon on the lower left hand of your menu.   

2. Click on the Missed Call Handling card. 

3. Simply enter the area code of your business number and a tracking number will be provisioned for you.  In some cases, if a tracking number is not available in your specific area code, you may need to enter another area code that also services your area. 

Setup Missed Call Handling

Once you have completed setup within the digital receptionist, you then need to setup call forwarding from your main business number using conditional call forwarding.  Most phone providers offer a way to setup call forwarding either through your online account with them or by simply giving them a call.  

On the Missed Call Handling card:

1 – Set the “Play voicemail greeting to missed calls?” to ‘Yes.’

2 – In the ‘Voicemail greeting’ field enter a brief message.  Feel free to use the default or customize your own.  This is the message that will play when a missed call occurrence takes place

3 – In the ‘Auto-reply SMS to the caller’ field enter a brief message for the text alerts.  Feel free to use the default or customize your own.  This will send to missed callers a text message from you acknowledging their call.  This provides callers with the assurance that you will get back to them shortly.  

NOTE: Message voice recordings will be available in your digital receptionist Inbox.

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