Adding Email Forwards


In this section, we will go over how to add an email forward to your account based on the type of email you use.

PBHS Standard Email ($4 Per Email)

1. Once you login select the three lines in the upper right corner.


2. Select the option labeled Settings.


3. This will pull up a new Settings window, select the option labeled Incoming Email and then the tab labeled Forwarding. To turn on forwarding, set Status to On. If you’d like for the e-mail that is forwarding to receive copies of incoming emails, you will need to check 'Save a copy of the forwarded email'. List the E-mail addresses you would like in the 'Forward to' section, separated by commas in the case of multiple e-mails.
To save your settings select the button labeled Save in the bottom right corner of the settings window.


PBHS Hosted Exchange Email ($7 Per Email)

1. Once you login, add the E-mail you would like to forward to as a contact.

2. Once you have added the E-mail(s) as contact(s), select the gear at the top right corner, then select the option labeled Options in the dropdown menu.


3. On the left hand navigation select the options Mail and then Automatic Processing and select the one labeled Inbox and sweep rules.


4. Select the plus sign underneath Inbox rules.


5. This will pull up a window called New inbox rule, you can name it according to your preference. For this example we named it Mail Forwarding. For the setting when the message arrives select [Apply to all messages].


6. Under the setting Do all of the following select and forward the message ​to then select the blue words Select people...


7. At this step find the contact you saved that you would like for the emails to forward to and select the + sign next to the contact to add it to the forwarding list. Then, select the checkmark Save button above the list of E-mails once you have finished adding E-mails you would like to forward to.


8. Select the option with the floppy disk icon labeled OK.


9. Finally, make sure the checkmark next to your new mail forwarding rule is checked and click the floppy disk Save button above inbox rules.


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