How do I login to my email?

IMPORTANT: In all of the instructions below, replace "" with your domain name and do not type in www. These instructions are for checking your email in a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. The advantage of webmail is that you can check your mail from any computer with an internet connection. The disadvantage is that your mailbox size is limited, so you'll need to be sure you delete old, unnecessary, sent and deleted items on a regular basis. In a web browser, go to ( to use your own domain name here) Log in with the full email address as the user name and then enter in the password for the account Preferences The preferences menu on the left side is where you can change your password, set vacation messages, or change the number of emails shown on one page. Be sure to click Save after making any changes. Email Administration You can add and delete email accounts or change passwords by yourself by logging in through your web browser with your info@ account and the info password. Once logged in, click on Web Admin on the top right and then user Admin on the left.